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How to Repair and Decorate Settlement Cracks at Home?

To repair a hairline or settlement crack is not a difficult task as most people think. You just need some basic tools and good quality filler. Here is how it works:


1)Two filling knives (jointing knives) 4″ and 6″ – the best quality are Marshalltown sold for around £10 in Wickes or B&Q but you can get cheaper once, just make sure they have similar flexibility as the above. If the knives are too stiff it will be hard to spread the filler.

2) Mixing bucket – you can use any small plastic container as long as your new filling knives fits easily inside.


Scrim tape – cost around £5.00.

Wall filler powder – you can get a ready mixed one but the finish is not as good as the powder one. The most popular brands are: Easyfill, TouPret, Polyfilla. Price starts from £7 per box or bag.

Sand paper – 120 or 180 grid.

How to do it:

Clean any loose paint or plaster around the crack and apply a bit of scruim tape over the damage. Pour small amount of water in the mixing container. For a reference you will need the amount of a couple of spoons of water to mix filler for a crack with a length of 5″. Mix the powder in a thick paste but not too thick so to be impossible to spread it on the wall. Important Tip: Always add powder to the water and not the other way around!

Use the two filling knives, the wide one as plate to hold the materials and with the smaller one take small amount and spread a very thin layer over the scrim tape. You don’t even have to cover it completely as the first coat only needs to hold the tape in place. Leave the first coat of filler to dry for half hour and apply a second coat which should be a bit thicker so to cover completely the tape and crack. You can apply in a larger area than the actual damage.

Leave the filler to dry overnight or at least for 5-6 hours. You will notice that the colour of the spot will change from creamy/off-white colour to white. Use a bit of sand paper and rub lightly the spot until it feel smooth. If there are any dents or uneven spots you can apply some more filler which will dry in a couple of hours and you can smooth and touch up with suitable colour paint.

Hope that helps.

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